washing off anthers.

Some varities of roses releases pollen very quickly. For me, I try to avoid Applejack, R. foliolosa, and a possible paulstris, as hip parents because I can visibly see pollen realeasing early as I emasculate the flowers. Even in the tight bud stage, they’re still releasing pollen, and its getting me frustrated.

I try to avoid using them as hip parents, however-- it’s not possible at all times. My Queen Elizabeth x 77-361 is a rose that releases pollen. And Lynnie releases pollen quite early too. It was my goal to cross these two.

Today I emasculated Applejack so that I can cross it with Baby Love and possible tetraploid Rosarie d’Hay-- but this was already self pollinating as I was removing anthers. So what I did was rinse off the anthers with tepid water, and they’re drying right now. And hopefully-- that will be enough to remove the self pollen.

I’ve had good seed set by emasculating the bud when color is just barely showing. I cut off the top of the bud, use scissors to get down lower, then a knife to loosen and remove anthers. I tried rinsing off some blooms last year. I had poor seed set, but the pollen was a little questionable and it was getting hot, so I’m not sure how much if any the rinsing affected seed set.