Was it Euphrates or Tigris?

Which one did Ralph Moore state that he has had success when crossed with his Halo roses.

Anyone lucky enough to get fertile pollen from Euphrates? I’ve been drawn by the persica lore if you know what I mean. Enrique

Tigris is supposedly the only fertile hulthemia hybred.


Shoot… I ordered one Euphrates when I saw the one at Heritage in bloom. Very very compact, more compact then most minis. I know I can fit it some where. Oh well, I have for decoration.

Unless… How compact is Tigris?

A friend sent me a Tigris plant last year. It had a few blooms which I hand pollinated, eventually getting a few seeds. One has germinated! (OK, it is still only about 1/2 inch tall, but its alive and growing!)


Joan, I just ordered on plant when I promised not too… How big does it get? Or is your plant still small?


Sorry, I can’t tell you the eventual size, because my Tigris plant is still quite small. I suspect it will be a small plant though, even when “full” size.