wagon train

It’s June 25 and today will number 19 of triple digit temperatures.
I know this doesn’t look very neat, but my roses get full sun all day.
This is what we have done to keep them somewhat shaded because the way this year has started out, I anticipate another 2011 when we had 90 plus days of triple digit temperature.
Also, I have numerous hips set and hoping a little shade will help them to mature correctly.
In other words, if you live in Central Texas and the tag says full sun, DONT believe it.

zone 8B
Wagon Train.jpg

If you live anywhere “hot”, don’t believe any “full sun” tag. Full sun in upstate New York or London, but FEW places where you can grow roses in the US.

That is an awesome setup @jrichardson! I completely agree, full sun does not apply out here either!
I am in Malta (z11) and there are very few plants that can survive full sun here in summer.
I really like your wagons and will try to see if I can build some variation of it for my roof. Thanks for sharing.

A long time ago, an intensely active exhibitor in Orange County, CA, Rosemary Sauer, had an extensive garden and used MANY “EZ Up” shade structures to shade the blooms for later shows. https://www.ezup.com/ I visited her once and found easily more than three dozen of these shade structures assembled in her garden to protect the developing flowers for the upcoming rose shows. Of course, she had RESOURCES as those weren’t cheap even back then.

These are not overly expensive to do just PVC pipes and shade cloth clamped on with binder clips. I used this system two years ago and it really saved my roses. Last year was a mild summer so I never got it put up. This year started out so hot so early and I added 8 new roses for breeding stock that I certainly didn’t want to loose. Hope this idea helps someone else.


I think its cute. Cinder blocks are honestly heavenly. They resist so much… UV…rot…the need for construction skills lol… Everything rots here. Even treated lumber has a short shelf life if not protected. Mother Nature will make sure she gets it all back and then some. I guess its the vice of living near Tillamook State Park.