(Please forgive me for using the forum to reply to a question, but the return email addresses would not work.)

I was contacted with the email below.


I found your(?)unnamed rose: www.rosehybridizers.org/showcase/sproul.html

of a nice colouring! Look like from Hulthemia

Jim, please tell me you didn’t give up on the rose described as “having ancestry which includes Shephen’s Big Purple, International Herald Tribune and a complex line with R. soulieana in it.”

I, and many others on this forum, have lusted over that one for several years!




Hi Philip,

Yes, that’s the one…

Jim Sproul



Vladimir, if you should be interested in hardy wild rose material from Finland for your breeding work I’d be glad to try and help you.

By the way, the Tatra mountains in Slovakia is a very good provenance of woody plants for our cold climate. For example, I have beech (Fagus sylvatica) seedlings collected there. West European provenances of beech are not hardy here.




Hi Vladimir,

Your work sounds very interesting. I have only done limited work with species roses. I do not have the violet un-named seedling any longer. Most of my current work on purple roses is coming from Tom Carruth’s ‘Midnight Blue’. It is fertile both directions.

Jim Sproul