Visit to Pickering

We visited Pickering on Wednesday and I picked up a copy of the new catalog. I’ll post the old roses (that are new to their offering) this evening. They are dropping a number of their HTs and FLs and will be offering (canada only) Weeks roses produced by them in the coming years.

Also they are moving their growing fields to the north east of Toronto (Toronto sprawls ever outward) so their roses will have grown in a slightly colder climate.

If you want me to check code numbers and prices so you can place orders now, just ask.


Pickering sometimes offers roses at their store that aren’t listed in the catalogue. For visitors its worthwhile to have a look around for the unusual. This summer, I was able to get 2 of Ralph Moores’s mini x HP cultivars, as well as some of Joyce Flemings roses which didn’t make it to the catalogue.I was very excited to get Jim Lounsbery which is an orange virginiana hybrid with very good substance.