Viola Lougheed - new name

Would anyone remember the name that Larry Lougheed’s wonderful rose “Viola Lougheed” is now sold under in Ontario? A friend of mine has shown interest in Larry’s roses, & I can only remember the original name. I hate it when growers change a perfectly good name for supposed broader appeal.


It’s ‘Unity’. Yes, a rather meaningless name.

Thanks Paul. Now if only Joyce Fleming’s roses were more broadly available.

I got Joyce Fleming’s “Jim Lounsbery” hybrid virginiana from Ashdowns. I’ve thought of useing it with Peter’s R15 and my kordesii hybrids–

I got a spotted deep pink “virginiana” from a local nursery. Mrs. Fleming was certainly the inspiration. I was so surprised when I got recurrent seedlings from pollen that I put on a supermarket mini. The first seedling produced a large, fragrant bloom with three rows of petals & is becoming shrubby. Nothing mini about it.

It’s not unusual for full sized roses to come out of crosses with minis. Some minis seem to produce more full size offspring than others.

I have Samba Kordana by accident, and yeah, it is a true mini for sure. Heirlooms was giving Kordanas away by the boat load last summer for purchasing more than 3 plants. I was like…“uh, what do I do with this?” It’s healthy for a mini so far.

I do know that Poulsen and Kordes often use each others mini, floribunda and florist lines in each others indoor mini lines, so who knows what is in Samba Kordana at this moment in time.