Very wet weather--

Oh yes-- wettest March ever in San Jose. I’m sure it’s pretty wet for Jim too…


being optomistic this time, I guess this is a great way to weed out the weaker seedlings. So much mildew-- there’s hardly two days straight without some rain fall.

Livin’ Easy X Robusta looks like they’re done for.

So are the Gigantea OP seedlings.

Sutter’s Gold X Compassion? Forget about it…

All the Queen Elizabeth X Legacy F2 crosses are dead-- two looked so good a while back.

But I’m holding out for Pacific Serenade X the Pilgrim. It looks like it will have very good and clean foilage. It’s very pretty now. It’s edged with a red picote and it oddly look rugose.

Scarlet Moss X Golden Angel barely germinated and it looks like it won’t do good.

Oh wells… If I can keep two plants for this year, I think that will be successful for me.

Anyways-- the fruits of my labor that I’ve kept.

Queen Elizabeth X Basye’s Legacy

Sutter’s Gold X Renae

Prospero X Goldmoss

Cologne X Constance Spry

All these years, and only 4 roses I’ve kept. I’m thinking that the Prospero and Cologne seedlings maybe interesting enough to introduce. Prospero x Goldmoss seems to have zero moss, but it’s bicolor flowers are pretty to the eye. It’s very disease resistant.

Cologne X Constance Spry. Well one seedling is just lovely. But only a once bloomer. I’ll save that for myself to share with friends. Depending how easy it roots.

Yes, this has been a record-breaking March for rain, and it isn’t over yet. It is raining now, and another storm is supposed to come through on Friday. Enrique, be glad you are leeward of the mountains… we’ve gotten about 50% more rain here on the windward side.

The roses are way behind where they normally are at this time of year. It doesn’t look good for the MBRS rose show 4 weeks from now, especially since many of my roses have been nailed by deer. This year, the deer seem to have developed a taste for OGRs. They’ve stripped most of the teas and chinas, as well as Reine des Violettes and Charles de Mills. They nibbled some of the roses on the edge of my pot ghetto, but fortunately didn’t get into the seedling area. I finally got a dry day to spray hot pepper spray on the roses last weekend, so hopefully that will keep the deer away.

I’m way behind on all of my outdoor activities. My seeds are still in the fridge. I do have about 10 found seedlings this year, and a couple of them have buds. I found most of them growing under potted seedlings. I don’t deadhead seedlings since I want to see whether they’ll form OP hips, and I usually don’t harvest those hips, so they eventually drop into the pots.

On the plus side, most of the seedlings I kept from last year look healthy in spite of the rain.

What’s rain?

Judith in Tucson, AZ

Aww, Im sorry guys. We had tons of rain, too, but we’re used to it here in the PNW. We did freeze tho. It was the first time in years it got below 20 degrees here. I was sorta glad tho. It got rid of anything weak and gave me an excuse to do a major pruning clean-up task.