Very different sister seedlings

A few days ago both of these Abraham Darby x OP seedlings opened up.

They are very different in shape and color, but still they came from the same hip!


Yes, I see this all the time. There will be a wide variety of seedling types from most modern roses.

Bo, your two sister seedlings from ‘Abraham Darby’ look like the seedlings below did when they were youngsters! They are sister seedlings also, and were from a cross of ‘Lady of the Dawn’ X ‘Abraham Darby’.

Jim Sproul

Yes Robert you never know what will show up from those modern roses, but that

Bo and Jim, I really like all of those seedlings. ‘Abraham Darby’ makes a great parent as shown in your results. Good luck with these.

Oh I LOVE the apricot colored one!!

What a keeper :slight_smile:


Rob, Yes Abraham Darby seems to be a good parent, but the seeds need a long time in the refrigerator to germinate. One of mine up to 4,5 month.

The apricot Marleah, I also think looks nice, but it didn’t have much fragrance though. The other one have that of cause :slight_smile:


It’s amazing what a difference there can be between siblings.

I had an Abe Darby seedling finally flower.

While it was pretty it was nothing to write home about.

A darker, but pretty boring pink color. Many petals. I guess I will keep it and see what happens with it as it matures. I keep hoping something will suprise me with an apricot type color :slight_smile:

I love looking at your pictures, both roses are so different, but entirely charming in their own way. I am partial to the many petalled roses, but the 5 petal seedling bloom seems so large, I really like it.


Marleah, Give your abe Darby some time to develop, maybe it will turn out to be a very nice rose when matured.

My AD picture was a close up picture, so actually the flower is not as big as it looks. The diameter was just about 4-5 cm.