Has anybody looked into foliage variegation in roses? I have a plant of HT ‘Verschuren’ in my collection. The leaves are a very clean dark green splashed with white. New foliage is green, pink and white. The flowers are light pink and fragrant. I bought mine from Vintage gardens.

Here’s the HMF entry:


Hi Jeff,

I just uploaded (HMF) a picture , showing the 3 colors of a young leave of Verschuren.



I almost bought it last year but I had a difficult time trying to think of any combination of parents that would make it interesting. I think the variegated foliage would look best on a small landscape type. The problem is the association with disease and variegation in HTs so there is often an automatic association with “bad.” It would be really wicked to see like a shorter landscape type with disease resistant and variegated foliage with striped flowers though. Too bad ‘Curiousity’ didnt transfer because the variegation in that one is far more aesthetic.