Using the Parade roses for hybridizing...

I’ve been growing for some years an unknown Parade rose that I bought from Albertson’s. It’s about 4 years old by now.

BEAUTIFUL light yellow/creamy flowers that have a certain pleasing quartered bloom form. Very thick petals, and lasting substance. Although, I don’t know it’s name but I still grow it for sentimental reasons (it’s an ugly plant with mildewy leaves.)

It makes tons of OP hips, but I never thought about germinating them or using it as a breeder… until this year.

I used 77-361 on it thinking. It’s because Basye’s Legacy has poor anchorage of petals, but this unknown Parade mini has anchorage so strong that it will not fall off even when it’s spent. I’ve seen it set hips and stlll hold on its petals.

Has anyone else had that thought before?

I’m thinking about buying some florist roses and maybe using its pollen on this mini–

Next year I’ve thought about using pollen from moss roses. I also have a rose that’s used for free way hedging. I don’t know what it is, but it has pretty single flowers in a salmon color. (Not that people would notice when they’re driving.)

Theyre okay. A lot of them are highly mildew prone, asy ou have noted. The biggest con in them that I have noticed is that they are not universally fade resistant whatsoever. They can be a highly different color/form than what one will see at the grocery store. Also, they are bred for being forced in an expedidited way. However, they have positive qualities, too. They branch well, obviously root well and often have excellent holding qualities.

I have grown a few, and have trashed all but Patriot Kordana (mildews, but blooms a lot and has consistantly cute blooms) and Heidi Parade, which has excellent form and did not mildew on me this year. I plan on crossing the latter with my heavy seed setter of “Solitaire x Baby Love”, which is a semi-double primrose white that is completely disease free where I live. I think that this cross could yield nice white bedding miniatures, among other soft colors.

Personally, though, I have no plan on introducing them onto larger roses. Mildew is a pain to get rid of.

The thing I don’t like about Parade rose, here in Australia, is that we don’t ever know which one we’ve got! The label just says Parade Roses and that’s it! Mine have been completely defoliated this year… however, they have many clusters of flowers… without a single leaf. Mine was probably die to neglect (it’s hard holding down a 9-5 and look after an acre of rose garden too), so now I’m on holidays I’m expecting it to pick up… I started collecting them to use to make more minis but don’t think I will use them now as they aren’t tough enough to cope with Australian conditions and heat.

damned typos… die = due…

Enrique, you mean the miniature roses, [Color] Parade, etc?

I’ve had great luck with them; have a Golden Celebration x Scarlet Parade mini with a nice deep color and a fragrance that’s out of this world. Curiously I haven’t noticed any mildew on the Parades I’ve got (I’ve got quite a few, they were given to me as a gift), and never noticed any here.


Yes, the mini’s and not the climber.

You got to show your seedling…

I hate not knowing the name of my little rose, but-- that’s how it is.

Hi, Enrique,

the little idiot has buds on it now (when it became clear the rose had no intention of going into full dormancy, I brought it into the greenhouse), so when it blooms again I’ll take pictures. I have to admit, I am having no luck whatsoever propagating this rose, which is a shame because the fragrance is … soooo… wow! (Curiously, my husband can hardly smell it at all.)

Have you tried looking through the Parade Roses on HelpMeFind to see if you can find it there?


Enrique, you can probably find your rose at this site, which is from the Poulsen web site. Choose your language (4) and it is interesting what and how they are developing for tolerance to drought, tolerance to shipping in prolonged darkness, and just disease in general. I was amazed at the abuse the only one I have owned has taken, including being indoors with just ambient light, with little discernible damage-and then I return it to nature, rather than push my luck. Jackie