Using found roses in breeding programs

I’ve recently obrained ‘Puerto Rico’ found rose, and am thinking of getting more found roses. Has anyone ever used found roses exclusively in their program? I was very intrested in doing that because I think that their ability to survive before they were rediscovered may have certain desirable genes. You know, ‘Puerto Rico’ X ‘Secret Garden Musk Climber’ and etc,. Also, anyone knows about the fertility of ‘Puerto Rico’? And what is it? A tea rose, hybrid musk, or very early hybrid tea rose? I’ve seen it clasified in all of those areas. Thanks,


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I have grown Puerto Rico for several years. Charles Walker from the US took the first slips of Puerto Rico, known as Maitland white in Bermuda. Malcom Manners imported the first plants of several of the Bermuda Mysterys to the US. I think they decided that it was an likely that Puerto Rico was an early HT. The Antique Rose Emporium calls this rose Puerto Rico because they obtained their first plant of this rose from that Island.

I grow Puerto Rico in front of my office. It grows between Prosperity and Bermuda’s Kathleen and does well without spray here. I have never noticed it setting hips, but it might not set hips there due to the fertilizer. I will look at the leaves closely soon, but I think all the leaves are large HT type leaves.

The found roses show good disease resistance to the diseases found in the area where they were found.

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Thanks for responding. I am intrested in these Bermuda roses. Don’t know why. They seem so romantic, as if they have their own mystical lore. I thought it was a tea because I have seen the growth in pics; very light and airy. It is not really big and heavy like the hybrid teas. I guessed it was a tea because the growth maybe do to that they have less chromosomes compared to the hybrid teas.

Do you know anything else about these Bermudas? Where they found on all the same place?