Using declined parents


I’ve wondered if one were to use a declined parent rose, would the next generation be affected as well? For example, would I see noticeable difference in seedling vigor and health if using a Peace rose from good wood compared another Peace that lost its vigor and health. I have a Double Delight that changes its color less and is noticeably less healthy compared to other Double Delight roses. I am about to replace it, but I do not really want to go the trouble if it can breed exactly the same seedlings compared to a healthier Double Delight. Thanks,


It might depend on whether the decline is caused by a virus or by a mutation in the parent’s DNA.

If the decline is caused by a virus, then it should be OK to use the ‘declined parent’ because the virus won’t be passed to the seedlings.

If the decline is caused by a mutation, then the mutation will probably be passed to at least some of the seedlings.

But wait a second. If that is so, then what about sports? I thought, for example, using Dr. W. Van Fleet would be the same as using its sport New Dawn. Maybe I should ditch my Double Delight for a better Double Delight. The color change of my own plant doesn’t turn the cherry red in sun as other plants I have seen. Its streaked in red, and I cannnot smell the fragrance. At one point I thought I may had Weight Watcher’s Success.