Using Cultivars to Stabilize health Problems

The “Sweetspot Series” may have some very good colour combinations, but they are plagued with multiple health issues. Over the years I have used them as pollinators on Rugosa’s , Hybrid Multiflora’s and Hybrid Musk. It seems to have given the results I was looking for. As for the Rugosa cross, it may be the start of developing a cold tolerate Hulthemia Hybrid type. The photographs are those of the Rugosa/ Hulthemia hybrids with the bloom developing a blotch . These ar Fru Dagmar Hastrup X Sweetspot Calypso.
Q18 R78 T1 2.jpg
Q18 R78 T2.jpg
Q18 R78 T1.jpg

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Great work Warren, looks good.

Thanks David

Very nice, Warren. In my climate, it would not have occurred to me to go that route with the hulthemias. Are you having a heat wave in your neck of the woods too, and are your rugosas tolerating such? Is that a first bloom, or do you have a history of flushes to judge it by?

Thanks Phil;

This is the beauty of having forums where people can exchange ideas thus making a greater improvement to what we are creating. These Rugosa/ Hulthemia Hybrids are tolerating this weather very well, we just had well over 100F for 4 weeks. I have four of these, two are repeat flowering while the other two are yet to flower. One of my greatest ambitions is to get a climber with the Hulthemia blotch, I reckon it would look real dandy.

Cheers Warren

Here is another using Sweetspot Calypso as the problem rose crossed with cultivar “Heart to Heart” derived from Red Ballerina (Har) S118 T215. The aim was to improve health and to produce large bracts of Hulthemia type blooms.

The photograph with the leaves is to compare the parents leaves to that of the hybrids. Although these two hybrids are from the same cross leaf and plant structure differ greatly, S118 T215 Type 1 foliage is larger with plant structure being more upright. S118 T215 Type 2 foliage is small as with the compact sprawling nature of it plant structure.

Photograph foliage ID is as follows:
(A) Sweetspot Calypso
(B) Heart to Heart
(C) Seedling S118 T215 Type 1
(D) Seedling S118 T215 Type 2
Hulthemia Hybrid leaves.jpg
S118 T215 Typ2.jpg

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Here is another one of the Q18 R78 [Fru Dagmar Hastrup X Sweetspot Calypso]

This seedling is growing very well no health issues and good vigour, The plant is 3 ft wide 1 1/2 ft high
Q18 R78.jpg

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Also being in Au and going through week long heatwaves I can say I have a fru dagmar hastrup and honestly it did better than most HT and floribunda, they got crispy and droppy, FDH doesnt seem phased at all by the heat.

“FDH doesnt seem phased at all by the heat.” I will vouch for that, a rose class which can withstand very low temperatures and very high as well. All the offspring of FDH have this ability as well.