Using Basal Breaks as Seed Parents


Has anyone used the blooms on new basal breaks (candelabras) as seed parents? If so, have you noticed any detrimental effect on the cane later?



Hi Gail:

I wouldn’t be concerned about using basal breaks except for the fact that they tend to bloom later and may not give as good of a seed set as the earlier blooming stems. This probably would not be a factor with many varieties.

Also, it seems that the more lightly pruned roses will set hips better (lightly pruned roses seem to have fewer basal breaks).


I use whatever blooms the plants give me, basal or otherwise. The results appear to be the same either way.



I’m in zone 10 where basil breaks will be blooming in a week or so—still plenty of time for hips to mature. Thanks for both of your answers!