Update on Enjouee - my seedling

[flickr_photo src=http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7074/7088463311_540d54a65c.jpg nsid=25278348@N03 id=7088463311]Enjouee[/flickr_photo]

I just too this picture about a week ago. It’s gotten huge, I mean it’s still under 3 feet but it’s extremely bushy and covered in foliage. It already has flowerbuds too. I’m sort of torn, not sure if it wants to be a climber or not. Either way I’m pretty excited about this seedling, wanted to share it.

Looks rather “happy!” I’m scared! LOL! Nice landscaping shots, Max. Congratulations!

It looks gorgeous! Tell us again about the parentage.

Healthy specimen Max. How old is it?

It’s VERY happy Kim…and the soil in that bed as you can see is VERY poor. Clay. Pure clay. And it’s happy as a clam. I’m wondering too if I should be…cautious. It’s outperforming much older smaller rooted cuttings of other roses that have been there longer.

I’m shocked half of what I plant there even grows. It’s super dry right now and it isn’t phased at all. It’s stayed about 2 feet tall so far but if you look at the picture on HMF you can see the size difference from last spring, I have a hunch if I keep it well watered it will go over the 3 ft mark by end of the year, or at least it seems it might be thinking about it. Otherwise it’s going to be super bushy. It’s really covered with foliage, head to toe and excessive, something that looks amazing right now but last year proves a problem later as it tends to blackspot those lower inner leaves but last year it constantly regrew new fresh ones on top so it never looked naked at all.

jbergson, George, this is it’s second spring planted there, so germinated spring 2010, was planted out that fall. It had super interesting sister seedlings that I lost.So yeah, about two? The parentage is a bit sticky. It was an OP seed. I think it was a ‘Sven’ seedling due it’s bushy shape, the way it holds it’s flowers and the blossoms themselves. Check out pics from last year here

HOWEVER I suspect it’s not a self pollination and might be pollinated by ‘Plaisanterie’, which is right next to ‘Sven’, hence 'Enjouee’s name. The flowers are not as cupped or as large as ‘Sven’, an inch across and not as full, more like ‘Plaisanterie’. It’s definitively related to ‘Sven’ that much I know. The buds are cherry-pink, pretty saturated for such light flowers once open, and then opens to a rather I want to call a slight bicolor pink staining on the lips of the petals like ‘Leda’ or ‘Hebe’s Lip’ with cream centers. They then wash out as they age to an overall pink-mauve.

The colorshift in the flower as well as simpler flower size/petal count and more languid look as a plant overall further suspects ‘Plaisanterie’ as the pollen parent. I will compare foliage again, and hope maturity has made the flowers even better. The last time I compared foliage they seemed to be a good intermediate between both supposed parents, with Enjouee’s leaves looking like one of the two’s except the size of the others. If it starts sending out octopus canes then I know it’s a child of ‘Plaisanterie’ for sure as my ‘Sven’ has not grown like that and has stayed compact. The other polythana shrub in that series family that I have, either Lena or Ole (forget which I have, had all three one didn’t survive) grows in more shade and has taken a very tall more scrambly habit.

Either way I’m excited to see what this seedling does, it’s super vigorous. Last fall it also tried to form a teeny tiny hip. Sorta actually did, it was just so tiny to even call it one, but it turned red.

According to those here that know a heap about these sorta roses (polyantha-diploids) and as you prolly already know, a lot of these are highly self-incompatible (SI), so a natural hybrid with nearby diploids seems a high probability event in the OP seed, as you suggest.

Actually, come to think about this, this “polyantha-diploid-SI-situation” can make for very “minimal fuss” hybridizing…LOL!!

Good luck with it.

That’s really awesome, Max. I’m going to try doing (Ann Endt x Ann Endt) x Art Deco either this year or next year, depending on their maturity. The point is, though, that I think that the poly types can really be made into nice garden displays when mixed with further interesting types (china/tea in your case). Your seedling has a softness that most poly types really lack.

Max, what approx. region of the USA are you hybridizing in?

I garden in the Mid-Atlantic region of the East Coast. In Maryland. Blackspot HELL.

Hmmm, right, yet another BS hell !!!

It’s super bad, it’s even worse than the deep South. Our climate is excellent for roses, we can do a sampler of pretty much every class here because our winters get cold enough for the once bloomer OGR but aren’t that severe enough so that we can also grow certain teas, chinas, tea-noisettes, etc too. The problem is that for many, you have to spray a lot of them if you want to keep them though, even teas and chinas that are immaculate down south have fungal issues here. That’s why I think the East Coast needs its own trials since many California and Texas trial results mean absolutely nothing. Knockout family performs rather well here, it’s a shame Knockout and Red Double Knockout are so fussy to work with in breeding seed/hip wise.

My seedling is about two years old, germinated and bloomed first time in 2010, planted out that fall, and 2011 was first spring/season in ground. So this is it’s second spring outside.

It will be interesting to see what dimensions your seedling reaches ultimately…it is no house eater currently, and it is 2 years old, so I wouldn’t get too worried about it becoming a monster… just my hunch, prove me wrong!! LOL.

My location experiences similar intense fungal pressures to yours.

We no way get your cold (brrrrrrr) in the cooler months.

I never spray (only for aphids lately). Many roses declared “disease resistant” which have been bred in much dryer climates to mine (e.g. dry parts of USA, and southern Australia) are often binned by Sydney rose gardeners (unless they get them fungus-spray guns out!!!) …many many of them will likely be shot down with massive rose fungal diseases (BS+++ /PM, even DM sometimes).

Ohh as for Teas and Chinas, and such…

There is a rose heritage park not too far away from me which especially features a good assortment of Teas and Chinas (and all sorts of species). Very occasionally I take a train ride there for a bit of a stroll and to better my knowledge of how these perform here.

I see lots and lots of BS, defoliation and PM there, on many of these Teas and Chinas (and even on some species).

I recall how dreadful for example Comtesse de Labarthe looked a couple years ago there, when their group planting of it suffered bad PM attack…YUK!

If I ever breed an awesome, disease free rose, Max, I’m mailing it to you for testing. :slight_smile:

Hey! “I” can test it for rust! Heck, even vinyl siding rusts here! LOL!

Awesome! Blackspot is our major threat here, followed by sometimes powdery mildew.

Rust I’ve NEVER seen. Kim we’re on opposite sides of disease pressure.

What’s your fax number, Max? hehehe

[flickr_photo src=http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7102/7210886238_1b6f2b4394.jpg nsid=25278348@N03 id=7210886238]Enjouee[/flickr_photo]

[flickr_photo src=http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5192/7210886026_9017171f0f.jpg nsid=25278348@N03 id=7210886026]Enjouee[/flickr_photo]

[flickr_photo src=http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7217/7210885724_50ec6236a6.jpg nsid=25278348@N03 id=7210885724]Enjouee[/flickr_photo]

Enjouee is growing pretty well don’t you think?

That plant has some pretty awesome leaves. We have a tree called a xylosma that looks just like it. Great about the disease resistance-you just never know where that is going to come from for sure, but looks like it is going to be really great with BS. If you have extra pollen, send me a pm. Would love to put that up against the rust and PM, and BS we have going this yr.Congratulations, this should give you much encouragement and direction. I like the light flowers better than dark, although Sven has some real candlelabra going for it. In my experience, many seedlings increase their blooming each yr for the first 3-4 yrs or more.

Very sweet, Max! Kind of reminds me of a double Little Butterfly.