Update on 2005-2006 so far

Reviewing last fall’s hip harvest (modern roses OP) through mostly three month’s stratisfication (some hips I never stratisfied) and now germinations with some transplanting already, here are some observations. Cleaning seeds by using a blender with blades covered by duct tape worked well, then combining the cleaned seeds with some of the hip pulp mash through 3 months stratisfication on paper towels moistened with 6.5ph water/5%hydrogen peroxide helped germination after seperating and rinsing the seeds from the pulp and making a new moistened paper towel at the end of the 3 month strat period compared to the same varities seeds without the hip pulp. Sowing the rooting seeds in Miracle Grow Sphaghum mix in trays worked well with only one seedling dampening off. The transplanting of seedlings from the trays to a 1/2 3B + 1/2 sphaghum moss mix in 3 1/2 pots and 7 oz. plastic beverage cups worked well until fungus gnats showed up at the top and the bottom of the containers. With the soil as moist as it is, I can’t see trying to drench the pots with nematodes and mites without water-logging the pots (any suggestions (is it too late to put down a sand layer?)) The pots are indoors under lights.

The unstrastified seed germinations (modern roses) were low but here’s something I have always wondered about; while fewer unstrastified seeds germinate the first one that does has a much stronger stem and cotyledons which holds true through the 4th or 5th germination. I find these plants to grow quicker, set blooms faster, and are more vigorous. Am I asking for weaker plants by waiting for nonstrastified or stratisfied seeds germinating past the 4th or 5th? I am not saying that later seedlings do not have traits that were very desirable but will they be inferior as breeding stock? Aren’t there hybridizers that only use nonstrastified seeds (modern roses)? Does it make sense to set a cut-off date for germination of stratisfied or nonstrastified seeds to occur?

All the seeds I can talk about here are OP with some China or Tea blood in them. The squirrels ate through the aluminum foil on all the Gen. Jack x Souvenir de Claudius Denoyel hips. I do not include species or closer to species seeds. It took two years for the seeds of Rosa Coriifolia Froebelii (known also as R. laxa - a European understock) x Rosa Virginia to germinate (and yet even then the first germination is the most robust plant).