Upate of possible interest

This is the result of the cross Rosa Corifolia Froebelii (R. Laxa - European understock, single white) with Rosa Virginiana (single pink). It is 8-9ft tall like RCF, serrated leaves like RV, not zone 4 cold hardy like RV (dies back considerably like RCF), has the unusual pin dot type black spot that affects RCF, has the whitish grey/green canes of RCF, has straight out spiny prickles at a rate of 1/2 that of RV (RCF having few but fierce prickles), keeps the orange blossom fragrance of RCF, and sends out surface root runners 3-4 feet that end with suckers. This is a disappointment to me but might give insight to someone else. I will probably mess around with it some more to see if I can get a zone 3-4 hardy rootstock with the elegance of growth RCF has with no suckers and disease resistance.

It reminds me of Rosa canina-- to an extent.

Hi George,

Wow, it looks beautiful. I love the elegance of species and species hybrids. The female parent is a Caninae section species and with the odd meiosis, your hybrid has more of your female parents chromosomes. Hopefully another generation of crosses would help bring in additional hardiness with the right parent. It might become a nice link to additional roses.

I admire your love for OGRs and species and hope to see you and visit again at an upcoming Twin Cities Rose Club meeting.


Nice one, George!

Have you gotten a chance to grow out any seedlings from this one yet?

Perhaps it will produce bloom in the fall, as some Laxa hybrids do; Suzanne is a recurrent hybrid of Laxa and another species.

The Rosa laxa of ‘Suzanne’ parentage (the Rosa laxa described by Retzius) is a very different species from the one George is using – his will not show any latent ability to flower again in the autumn, but it’s an interesting seedling regardless.

I was in error identifying my cross as rosa corifolia froebeli x rosa virginiana it stands corrected as rosa corifolia froebeli x rosa carolina. I have not grown seeds from it. I have crossed it with Knockout and 'Shropshire Lass". It took 2 years for the original r.corifolia x r. carolina to germinate. It is 2 years now with the Knockout seeds. They seem viable just haven’t germinated. This years cross was with ‘Shropshire Lass’. My life took a turn toward securing employment outside of gardening centers so I could have a tiny retirement income with IRA.s so I am back finally to my passion with roses and hybridizing. As this has matured, it is tip hardy to zone 4 and I suspect zone 3. There have been a total of 3 root runners from the plant, something I was worried about at the start.