Unexpectedly fertile OGRs?

Spring is in the air, so I am naturally inclined to go around squeezing ripe hips.

I used to assume that seeing a bush covered with hips meant potential offspring. That was before I discovered that (for example) 20 Gloire de Giulan hips = 0-1 viable-looking achenes. Now I go around pinching the hips of strange roses to save myself such disappointments.

This led me to discover that, on the rare occasions that anything/anyone manages to fertilize it, a local Fantin-Latour sets hips with an average of around 5-6 achenes. While that may be pretty sad compared to many of the roses discussed hereabouts, it was still enough to startle me; I generally expect 0-2 achenes/hip in damasks/portlands and centifolias, and 1-2 in albas. Because I’m interested in trying to increase fertility in reproductively impaired OGR lines, this puts Fantin-Latour squarely on my “to do” list.

Has anyone else noticed any OGRs which had procreative capabilities that were considerably beyond what’s expected of their class?

fascinated to read the seeds in hips on Fantin latour!
Has anyone had any results germinating them?
Any intentional crosses done to know how receptive she is?

0-2 per hip in the damask/Portlands? That’s pretty dismal. Well it certainly resets my expectations for those two OP hips I was getting excited about on Comte de Chambord…

A nice OGR surprise for me is Honorine de Brabant. HMF shows a picture of a hip with description saying 2-3 seeds per hip. I harvested five OP hips from her and ended up with a total of 50 fat seeds, so 10 per hip average, much more than expected ! Perhaps it’s a climate thing.