Understock Plants or Cuttings?

I need to start producing understock for future grafting needs. What do you all recommend? I noticed most of the traditional rose suppliers do not offer R. multiflora or Dr. Huey shrubs. My inclination is to start a few shrubs or cuttings and then expand the supply by vegetative propagation of cuttings. Thanks for your time.

You’ve got the right idea. Some folks have success budding onto long canes of Dr. Huey in summer, every 5th leaf or so, then taking cuttings to root. I get good budding but poor rooting that way. Dr. Huey is undoubtedly the most common red climber/shrub in the U.S. so finding plenty of cutting stock won’t be a problem.Make cuttings in summer, bud next Spring

Wisconsin Roses sells multiflora understock for budding. Click the catalogue link and scroll to the bottom. Next to the understock frame, there is a frame for a budding video.


Link: www.wiroses.com/

Dr. Huey is the one understock that is most likely to be infected with RMV. Why dirty up a collection of your own precious hybrids with virused stock? Start with seed grown R. multiflora.


The rootstock you use will be largely dictated by your location. Also some hybrids are more compatible with one rootstock over another. I have seen some literature form The House of Meiland where they recommended certain rootstocks as preferred when used with certain cut flower industry hybrids that they market.