Two Roses in One

After reading Jim Turner’s thread about getting non-identical twins from one seed, I wanted to share with you a similiar circumstance that I have.

I have a 3 year seedling that blooms two different colored roses and at first I thought that perhaps two seeds accidently were put together in the same pot. But one day as I looked at the blooms, the two different colored blooms were coming from the same stem. So I wonder if I too might have a non-identical Siamese twin rose?

Here are some pictures, (I hope they take)

Heirloom X Bronze Star:

One colored bloom

The other colored bloom:

On the Stem:

I apologize for the pictures being so large.

It seems that the oldest one (the center one) has faded slightly. I think the difference in color is related to the age of the flower. If the buds take a long time to open, that effect becomes more pronounced. The center bud may have 5-10 petals more than the side buds, so it may take longer to open. Try taking pictures of a center bud when it is first opening, and compare them with pictures of the side buds when they open.


To me its more than just aging/fading. More likely something to do with the layers actually yielding the meristem that makes the buds in different cases. The difference seems to be mostly in whether there is yellow present or not. If this happens regularly, and not just once, it would suggest that this rose is a chimera. The two roses shown are different enough that if they showed up on different plants during a budding process, we’d assume one was a bud sport of the other. Example Ophelia/. Golden Ophelia/ Madame Butterfly.

It appears to me that it’s the old fading yellow thing.

My Ghislaine de Feligonde opens apricot and fades to white and a cluster of blooms will end up having both apricot and white blooms on them. Almost bought a Julia Child rose at Lowe’s last year since I liked the deep yellow flower on the plant. Wondered what the name of the rose next to it was with an “Iceberg white” bloom on it and the tag also said Julia Child…didn’t buy it…

Nice pictures Jeannie. You will have to take more pictures of the blooms and see if the color changes over time. Also note the weather. My Double Delight can be almost a solid red in sunny weather and almost all white if we have days of rain and clouds as it opens.


Pics should help you decide if it is either of the 2 above theories.

Thank you Larry, Peter and Jim, I will be watching this one a little more closely to see if it could be a fading issue. Larry what is a chimera?