Tricot seedling

What does it mean when your seedling has three cotolydons?

In my experience most of the time they develop normally. They are fairly common.

Hi Don,

I too have had them on several occasions. Nothing is wrong with them just add water and tlc and good luck.


I was thinking this might be a clue to ploidy, any ideas on that?

Don, I think that it is a morphologic variation of the norm. You may have seen “monocot” variations too. These will develop normally, but they seem to more commonly than the usual configuration to lack the terminal bud from which the true leaves develop. If that is the case, the particular seedling will fail.

Jim Sproul

Ahh, I have a seedling with a single (round- partially deformed)cotyledon right now- so it should develop normally? I was wondering.

so it should develop normally?

My tricot seedling never did develop true leaves. It seemed content to sit there, though, and probably would have done so for quite a while but I needed to make space under the lights.


I’ve got three of those in the greenhouse now, and they’re all growing on normally. Keeping notes that they were tricots, though, just in case anything else interesting happens with them!


I don’t think these tricots hold any genetic secrets. I see them quite often (8 or 10 a year) and they develop into normal seedlings, as far as I recall.

Monocots are common too but as Jim has said, sometimes they have no apical bud to initiate growth.