Transplanting seedlings

In the past I believe that I have heard seedlings should be transplanted soon after the first set of true leaves appears. Is this correct? If so, are there any special precautions that should be used to minimize shock (such as application of B-1, etc.). Thanks for the input!

Transplanted from where? If you’re talking about taking them out of the flat where they germinated, I find it best to do that as soon as possible, preferably while the neck is still bent and the seed leaves are still together. That way if you make a mistake the seedling will still recover.


Thanks, Peter. Yes, I am transplanting them from the flats where they are germinating.

I do the same as Peter does ! Even before they straighten out.

If you wait too long, in just a few days fine hair roots will form and your seedling may get the transplanting shock.

Mine are transplanted within 2 days max. as there is only a tap root and “NO” transplanting shock.


I transplant seedlings from the germination fl;ats when I have time. Usually that means when they have one or two sets of “true” leaves. I rarely lose a seedling, even at this stage. Its hard to kill a seedling, so don’t worry about the “when” too much.


Thanks to each for the input. I just got in from transplanting seedlings from flats–so we’ll see how they do!