Today I found the following germinations:

((Bonavista X OP) X OP) X Double Knockout

((Bonavista X OP) X OP) X R. roxburghii

For information about Bonavista see:

Now, to see if the seedlings survive.

Link: spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pxHhTw7ylg7-IvdLke9veKA&pli=1#

Which version of r. rox are you working with? The link wanted me to sign up to something. My R. rox normalis from Hortico bloomed this spring, and I put mini mosses onto it. 2 failed so far, but one hip looks good.

I should of used this link:


Let me know if this one requires a sign up.

This is the R. Roxburghii (Burr Rose) that I got the pollen from:


Link: www.oardc.ohio-state.edu/researchoperations/rosegarden/single.asp?id=47&group=Species%20Roses

Ah Okay, that looks like R. roxurghii normalis, the one I have. I wanted hirtula, but beggars cant be choosers lol.