Tonights chromosome counts

I just finished some chromosome counts. Some of them are recent Tantau landscape roses being distributed by Northwest Horticulture.

Tantau landscape roses

Glacier Magic 3x

Joyful Jubilee 4x

Caramba 4x

Chateau Merlot 3x

I also got a plant of the R. wichurana version of Basye’s Thornless (not the upright thornless I believe R. carolina offspring) and it is 2x as reported.

I also got a plant of Madame Pierre Oger (the Bourbon) and was surprised my plant is triploid and on help me find it is listed as tetraploid. Maybe I got the wrong rose sent to me.

Mozart is diploid as expected.

It’s great that you’re documenting these David.

Thanks David,

I suspected that Glacier Magic and Chateau Merlot were triploids. Chateau Merlot died a few years back but Glacier Magic has been about as hardy as Carefree Beauty or Folksinger. It does suffer from some blackspot later in the season.