Tin foil bonnets redux

Roses Are Red presented me with a bloom this week, way ahead of schedule but I took advantage and made a cross. A week on, the hip has been absconded with by vermin, probably a squirrel. Trapping is not an option so I have to find another way to protect my hips.

I am thinking of aluminum foil. Are there updated opinions or tips on it’s use to wrap hips?


Don, I’ve never tried the tin foil bonnets. BUT, I did use the clear plastic sandwich baggies last year to keep the deer from eating my hips. I cut the corners off for ventilation and then secured the baggies over the developing hip with a twist tie. This worked really well for keeping the deer away. Before I did this I had lost about 5 or 6 hips to deer browsing. Afterward, I still had deer browsing problems, but they ate around the baggies (typically avoided the entire cane that had the baggy) and I didn’t loose any more hips. Not sure how that would work for squirrels since they are surely far more nimble at getting around deterrents. You could possibly consider spraying the baggies with something that smells bad to help encourage them to stay away.