Time of post plus constitution and by-laws

This sure is a great site. Congratulations Jim on the continually fine job that you have done. However, I do have two suggestions.

  1. Could the postings include the time of the posting? For some reason my browser does not always change the color of a post after I had read it so I use the time of post to determine whether I had read a post or not.

  2. Could you post the constitution and by-laws for the organization in the “How to Join Section”? Since the organization offers memberships as opposed to subscriptions, it would appear that such knowledge is essential.

Thanks Henry! I didn’t include the time of the post because I didn’t know what time zone to use. The site resides on a server in Silicon Valley, so the default would be Pacific Time. I thought that might be confusing for people in other time zones. If you use the ‘Back’ button on your browser to go to the message index page, your browser might load the page from its cache on your PC, rather than from the server. If that happens, the link color won’t change. You can avoid that by clicking the ‘Return to RHA Forum’ link on the Message page instead of the ‘Back’ button, or, if you’re already on the message index page, you can click the ‘Reload’ or ‘Refresh’ button on your browser.

I’d be happy to post the constitution and by-laws on the site if someone would send them to me.

It is my experience-understanding that the trustees of an organization have the responsibility of seeing that the constitution and by-laws are being followed. Thus, I assume that you should be able to get an official-up-to-date copy from one of them.

Mary Peterson has sent me a copy of the RHA constitution (thanks Mary!), and I’ve put it on the RHA web site. You can see it by clicking on the link below.

Link: www.rosehybridizers.org/constitution.html

Regarding the constitution - I see one place for an immediate change - that is adding the position of “webmaster”.

I’ve always considered myself to be a volunteer, helping out the RHA without any official position in it. That was probably appropriate for the first 15 months, when the RHA contributed no money for the web site. Since the members voted to fund the web site at the RHA meeting in June, 2001, ($30/year to register the domain name, $9.95/month for the server), maybe ‘webmaster’ should be an official position. I don’t really have a strong opinion either way. Should we discuss this at the RHA meeting in April? We couldn’t vote to change the constitution then, however, because the constitution requires that notice of a vote to amend it be published in the Newsletter at least six months before the vote.

District directors are irrelevant, since there are no formal meetings in the various districts and therefore a district director represents no one. The constitution needs to be re-evaluated and changes made to meet the needs of members.