Thrip, Pollinating Question

Hello all. Have another question. Spent this morning pollinating a few of my roses… Found out I have a thrip problem… Now I am not sure what to do. If I spray for the thrip problem and try to get it under control, how long if at all should I wait to spray now that I have pollinated 8 or so bloom/buds?? And also, how long should you wait to water the bloom/buds after pollinating?? And… should the pollinated bloom/buds be covered or left alone, can they be re-pollinated by bees or will my pollination be the pollination to work first if pollination worked at all?? Whew, I don’t ask for much do I :astonished:) Thank you. Cheri

I overdose them on pollen and leave them open. I dont want anything rotting or baking in the sun. The only time I cover is if the entire week has been pure rain and I have no choice. I wouldnt worry if theyre covered with pollen well enough and you hvae removed the petals. I’d love to see a test done for attraction towards hips with no petals versus and open bloom, tho. But at the end of the day, I have not noted any selves. They may have been culled early if there were any.