This season's progress with Prairie Harvest seedlings.

The following of last winters crosses that involve the yellow Buck rose Prairie Harvest have grown at least one foot in height this summer (I consider that these are mature enough to survive the winter):

Prairie Harvest X William Baffin. Four plants.

Prairie Harvest X (mixed pollen of (Rugelda X R-15) + R-15). One plant. Since both parents are yellow I expect (hope) that the plant will be yellow. If it is yellow, the next uncertainty is whether it will be a repeat bloomer. It probably was not a good idea to mix the 2 pollens as now I will never know which was the father. If memory serves me correctly, I mixed the pollen because I did not have very much of each left.

The following seedlings are alive but have grown less than one foot (these may not survive the winter - I have sprayed them with gibberellic acid to give them a boost):

Prairie Harvest X William Baffin. Six plants.

Prairie Harvest X (mixed pollen of (Rugelda X R-15) + R-15). Three plants.

Prairie Harvest is Carefree Beauty X Sunsprite.

Right now I have two ping pong sized Prairie Harvest hips, one pollinated with Rugelda and the other pollinated with (Rugelda X R-15). I also have several open pollinated hips of the same size (we were out of town during the early part of June). This fall I pollinated 2 Prairie Harvest flowers with Carefree Sunshine pollen. These will probably not mature sufficiently this fall, but I want to see if the combination works.

I have pictures of 2 different Prairie Harvest Seedlings at the following website:

Note that both pictures were taken in September, and that neither seedling shows any sign of blackspot in my no spray garden.