There has been some discussion here and elsewhere about R. foliolosa hybrids, so......

I have created an entry on HMF to describe and show photos of one of my R. foliolosa hybrids. I am currently chilling seeds from it, using things like Therese Bugnet as the pollen parent. I know its seed germinates fairly easily: I have open pollinated seedlings from it now. Take a look at the entry on HMF, please:


Wow, much like ‘Basye’s Purple’ and ‘Ann Endt’. Beautiful.

Thanks Robert,

I’m more interested in finding out if this is of any value in breeding. I don’t think we need yet another ‘Basye’s Purple’ lookalike.


If it’s a better plant, why not?

Wow! I love everything about your rose. The colors from stems to stamens look much richer and deeper than BP.

If it’s a smaller version of Basye’s Purple, I think people would buy it.

I find foliolosa hard to breed. It blooms when nothing’s ready, and it’s done when roses are starting (much like my version of the swamp rose too.)

I got at least some seeds from it, using the pollen of R. blanda. Of course, blanda blooms very early… they were from dried flowers I had forgotten in the fridge.

Paul, there is a sepcimen /thicket of ‘R. Foliolosa’ near to me. It looks to be doing quite well indeed in this heat and humidity…It has powerfully scented vivid pink flowers (not the white variety).

Is it reasonable to use this for zone 10a/b climates…or is it too hot to get the ‘best out of it’??

I love its unique foliage as well as the powerfully scented flowers.


I have ‘Ann Endt’ (R. rugosa x R. foliolosa) in my 9B equiv. climate… it does beautifully with no chemical intervention… it seems to love it here. I recommend getting it to work with because so far every pollen I’ve put on it has taken… just tonight I collected some pollen from it to put on ‘Ebb Tide’, ‘Route 66’, and ‘Wild Rover’ over the next day or so to see how pollen fertile it is. It’s seeds also germinate ridiculously easy and seem to revert back to the rugosa foliage type (talking OP hips here… haven’t obtained planned cross seeds from it yet. I have put a few things on it this year, like ‘Cricket’, and ‘Route 66’, and so far everything looks good. I put ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ on it today too). If you ever get a chance to grab some foliolosa cuttings think of me :wink: I’d love to put it on ‘Scabrosa’ to see how it goes with it too…


‘Anne Endt’ crosses sound pretty delicious…Space issues prevent me from acquring any more roses atm, but maybe in the next year or so I will somehow ‘find’ more space…LOL…

What about Paul’s ‘Purple Folio-chief’…fab color! Good luck on these crosses, Simon.

Yes… it’s such a beautiful rose… I love the purple anthers… ‘Ann Endt’ doesn’t have it. If you want some ‘Ann Endt’ pollen give me a yell.

Oh, Paul,

That’s magnificent.

And those photos lead to a bunch of questions:

Those leaves almost look one step removed from palmate single leaves. Those very short stems out on the rachis would make for bushes with great dense foliage. The petal color is excellent, but the more I think about them, the leavs might be a real breakthrough to greater vigor, just because of the increased surface area/stem area ratio.

The receptacles …where does that shape come from? Any ideas? (Almost as if designed to keep critters out of the maturing hips)

I love Basye’s Purple, but it wants a sandier soil that I have. I can and have kept mine alive, but it’s not thriving. Is there a chance that this might be a rose that prefers a denser substrate?


When it’s blooming, try to load pics of the local white foliolosa. I’ve never heard of a white foliolosa.

Hi Ann,

Glad you find that rose appealing.

“The receptacles …where does that shape come from? Any ideas? (Almost as if designed to keep critters out of the maturing hips)”

If I am remembering correctly, the hips on the R. foliolosa I used as the seed parent are very much like that as well. The trait certainly didn’t come from ‘Little Chief’!

As for soil preferences, my soil (if you can call it that) is very heavy clay. Some plants tolerate it, a few seem to thrive in it, and some downright hate it. This seedling spent several years in a one gallon container, relatively neglected, until two years ago when I finally assigned it a place in the test garden. It has yet to exceed three feet (which is actually a good thing, IMO) and appears to be fairly tolerant of this dreadful clay it has to cope with. ‘Basye’s Purple’, on the other hand, hates the clay here and sulks much of the time, with a lot of premature cane death so that you rarely have more than a couple of recent canes struggling to keep the plant going. My hybrid appears to be faring quite a bit better than that…so far.

Enrique HMF describes ‘R. Foliolosa’ blooms as follows…

“Pink or white. White, extremely pale pink or rose-colored…”

The version near to me is definitely the species with a striking medium pink coloration. I have not see a white verion myself, (just what I red on HMF).

The last sentence above should read…

“I have not seen a white version myself, (just what I read on HMF)…”


I like it too. The color looks extremely rich, and together with that foliage…

My foliolosa is a very deep pink with touches of mauve.

Provenance, Enrique?

Regarding ‘R. foliolosa’, if one were to collect fallen OP hips from under ‘R. Foliolosa’ thickets, can anyone comment on the expected seedling ratio of species self/species hybrid??

Assume there is plenty of diverse rose pollen near to this thicket :slight_smile: