Hi, all,

Was wondering if any of you have seen a phenomenon that I get sometimes. A few seedlings grow with very thin, almost papery leaves. They are generally grey-green with darker veins and look almost like mosaics. The leaves are longer than usual and the edges seem to look torn.

I got two of these in my 2005 crop, and both produced miniflora-sized flowers of over 100 petals each, and lots of them! One was a spotted moss, and one was a plain, unspotted pink, but otherwise they were very similar in form. In the spring, the plants produce these “paper-leaves,” sometimes quite long, always light grey green, with new growth almost pink. After flowering, the plants have so far gone back to more normal leaves on new canes.

This year (so far) I have two more sprouting. Just wondering about it since these particular plants seem to be very shade tolerant, extremely floriferous, and just seems to make a nice little ornamental shrub. Anyone seen anything like this before?

sorry about the stupid subject line. It’s early in the morning…