the VI International Symposium on Rose Research and Cultivat

The 6th international conference on rose research and cultivation will be next summer in Germany and hosted by Dr. Thomas Debener and his group. They have led the way in many areas of molecular genetics regarding roses and specifically markers that relate to disease resistance.

Hi David,

Thanks for the “heads up”. Do you know what language the meeting will be conducted in?

Sounds very interesting!

Maybe RHA could sponsor a member to go and then report back here or with an article for the newsletter? Do we have any members already in Germany?

Simon. isn’t Bernhard(Bemo) one

Hello Jim!

Usually these meetings are conducted in English.

It looks like Dr. Byrne is one of the key note speakers…he is fluent in Spanish, but I don’t think that’s going to help him in Germany! :wink:

Hi Natalie,

Thank you. Yes, I saw that Dr. Byrne would be a speaker, but wondered if there would be a German interpreter. I did not want to be presumptuous and would not want to go if the English speakers were the only ones that I could understand (although I speak Spanish too, so I suppose that could be an option).

Will you be going?

Well, I know for certain that the last few ISHS International Peach Symposiums Dr. Byrne attended were in English.

And, quite honestly, they usually make a statement on the website somewhere about what the ‘official language’ is for the meeting. I’ll ask Dr. Byrne if he knows for certain, and if not then I can email Tom.

Oh, I’d love to go…but as usual it’s a money issue. Several years ago we (Dr. Byrne, 3 grad students and me!) attended an international rose conference held in France. We enjoyed it immensely! We were able to meet researchers from all over the globe and hear (first hand) about their research. Dr. Byrne made the comment about trying to get us all to go again, and I LOVE to travel…but, if it comes down to it I’d rather see the grad students go. I wouldn’t have anything to present, but they will have some great stuff to talk about.

Tiffany has been doing a lot of good research on finding better molecular markers to associate with the various strains of black spot resistance. Ockert has been working on several aspects of heat tolerance in roses. We have a 3rd grad student (Jake) who has done some very interesting work on breeding with triploids, but I think he will graduate in May. So, the chances of getting some sort of grant for him to go to the meetings will be very slim…

Hi Jim!

I just confirmed with Dr. Byrne that the ‘official’ language for the meeting is English.


Hi Natalie,

Thanks for the info!

I am a long way away and the other big factor is the thing we all live with or need is money which I do not have. If anyone goes is there anyway of recording/copying any or all of it without infringing on the copyright thing.

Hi David,

Well, anyone who goes can take notes…and they can make those notes available in any way they see fit.

Also, many presenters are discussing things that have already been published or the data is about to be published, so getting links for the data should be possible.

I think the only big exception to that rule is if a grad student is presenting info about their thesis/dissertation work. Once they write their thesis or dissertation it’s generally hard to ‘nail them down’ (so to speak) and get them to write articles based on their work. (Yes, I am a big offender of this…my thesis was written and submitted/accepted but I have yet to actually write an article from it!)

I’m sure there will be a lot of good information from the symposium, if we get the grad students to go maybe I can get them to take notes for us!

Thanks for that Natalie.