The universal rule

So you wait to see what germinates first. Will it be the cool, new, hip cross? Will it be that sure shot cross? Oh, of course not, it will be that cross that was made because there was extra material sitting about. It reminds me of parents that had a kid on accident, lol.

So, anyways, of all the crosses available, the trash cross germinated first. Lloyd Center Supreme x Sheer Elegance. Granted, theyre nice roses on their own, but they offer little orginality or goal.

lol, this is exactly what I was saying Jadae.

I figure many looking at my crosses would think, “Hey, what was he trying to prove there?”

We don’t pick and choose what germinates. Sometimes they are the things we do as a lark that work the best.

Jadae, your photo gave me a huge chuckle! :slight_smile: And hey, what is wrong with that cross anyway? Besides, who says you have to prove anything with any cross that you make?? Personally, I couldn’t care less whether anyone considers a single cross that I make “noble” or “ground breaking”. It is all about the results. Not to sound too Marxist, but I think I can agree with the phrase when applied to hybridizing roses…LOL… “The ends justify the means”. :slight_smile:

Well, this is the first year that the first to germinate for me has been one of my most anticipated crosses, Nancy Jean x Incognito. Actually, that’s not entirely true.

The first to germinate, and I mean in huge quantities, were open-pollinated hips from 2004, of Deuil de Dr. Raynaud. Refrigerated for the second time, and removed recently. Wow, what an explosion. That’s a good thing too, since my best seedling from last year was from one of these open-pollinated seeds.

Great sense of humor Jadae. :slight_smile:

Clever caption! This year’s seeds are still in the fridge and haven’t started germinating yet. I’ve got some seeds from the past couple of years outside, and they have started germinating. Most were crosses of the “what was I thinking?” and “why did I bother to keep those seeds for another year?” variety. The most exciting were 5 germinations from the cross Apricot Twist X Mermaid. Mermaid was one of the plants that I treated with nitrous oxide to double the chromosomes. I had a few germinations from that cross last year, but none of the seedlings lived very long. I’ve had other seedlings from Mermaid pollen, but most died young, and the rest have been disappointing. I’m leaving today for two weeks. I hope that there aren’t a lot of germinations while I’m gone.

You know there will be, Jim. That’s the second universal rule. Seeds germinate best when you’re on vacation.

Ok, here’s my junk cross germination for Christmas morning. I don’t even remember making this cross!

I can’t imagine I made it more than once, so it was probably the product of a single hip.

A christmas germination should be red. I imagine I will get mauve or perhaps yellow or of course most likely DEFAULT PINK.

Lavender Pinnochio x Loving Touch

I did get an intrigueing germination yesterday from’

Audrey’s Rose x R. palustris scandens YEAH!!!