the rebloom of Snow Owl/ White Pavement

A comment was made about ‘White Pavement’ being slow to rebloom. In zone 2a it seems from my foggy memory that it is a satisfactory rebloomer. Is this poor rebloom only in warm climates, the person was from zone 8b.

I like using this plant -should I find other roses more suitable to breed with.

Thanks for any comments

It just might be my climate or the company mass grafting it for the area.

I’d use it for your area regardless.

There are many mix ups within the so called “pavement” series. I find Schnee Eule to be an excellent rugosa, reblooms very well, good growth habits,very healthy, etc., the best of the whites in this series - but I am zone 5b. This is such an excellent rose that I have to wonder whether there is not some confusion involved? or perhaps another zone might produce different results?