The Pope and Pollination

Has anyone had any luck with getting Pope John Paul II to pollinate, and also getting the hip to mature before falling off. I have tried so many times and am not having much luck. I have 2 plants, one grafted and one own root and neither one wants to hold on to the hips after pollination. I did have one that went for just about 2 months and then the stem turned yellow and it fell off. It is really driving me crazy. Does anyone have any mature hips from the Pope this season?

Well, Secret always had the hip problem of rotting off for me. I dunno, if I were to use PJP2nd, I would use it as a pollen parent.

Jeannie, maybe also try for OP hips on your PJP-II, you may get lucky that way.

Thank you Jadae and George. I will try using the pollen from it and also the open pollinated hips. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that…LOL.