The mystery of 'Golden Angel x R. soulieana'

I walk buy it at Santa Clara nearly every other day, and it’s a beautiful rose. But it’s a total mystery. It’s attributed to Ralph Moore (and I can easily imagine this) but as far I know, it’s not entirely sure.

It’s disease resistant, although I see mildew on the buds and even on the gaurd petals.

And it’s a large climber.

I’m thinking that this maybe the “soulieana derivitive” that so many of the ‘blue roses’ carry in their parentage.

Is there any other info on this mystery rose?


I don’t have any more info on this variety, but I’ve wondered about it too. Something just doesn’t seem right about the ancestry. ‘Golden Angel’ is not very yellow and not very double. Maybe broadening the petals was enough to make the hybrid so full.

‘Chevy Chase’ is another Soulieana derivative growing on the fence at Santa Clara. I don’t know whether either is the one in the ancestry of the “blue” roses.