The Blender Method

Ooops…forgot about the qoutes in the title…sorry. That was supposed to read… The “Blender” Method. Sheesh…I need to remember that…LOL

I tape the blades with a stainlees steel self adhesive tape meant for car body repairs. (There also is an alumnimun self adhesive tape meant for car body repairs. I have not tried it. I would expect that it would not last as long.)


Wow…I’ve never heard of that kind of tape…BUT if it is meant for cars then I am sure my DH has heard of it (his hobby is rebuilding classic cars). I will check with him and see if he knows where to get some for me to try. Thanks Henry!

See, for example:


Ah ha! The JC Whitney catalog…something I see in our mailbox on a regular basis. Thanks for the link Henry! I will put an order in today. And this will be a first…to have a box from JC Whitney arriving for me instead of DH! LOL

Thanks Henry. I actually have some of that tape. I’ll give it a try. Do you just wrap one layer around each blade or bulk it up?

I use 1 layer (folded to cover the top and bottom of the blade so that the crease is in front).

Thanks, Henry.