The American Society for Horticultural Science Meetings

I’m enjoying the meetings right now in Arizona. Things are a little lean this year on rose research. Brent Pemberton has a poster on trialing various growth regulators on the rose ‘Chuckles’. David Byrne has a student generating more molecular markers with the population of diploid ‘Old Blush’ x (‘Old Blush’ x Basye’s Thornless) seedlings they have been working with for years and the tetraploid cross of ‘Golden Gate’ x ‘Fragrant Cloud’ seedlings generated by the Israeli group studying fragrance. The idea is to eventually saturate a genetic map of various markers to eventually get 7 well saturated linkeage groups representing each chromosome in the future. In the future markers can try to be linked to traits segregating in these populations. I’m also giving a talk tomorrow on the inheritance of male sterility from Rosa setigera in interspecific crosses and backcrosses with polyanthas.

Sounds fun David.

How are you enjoying the weather?

It’s an interesting climate to hybridize in isn’t it? The weather where I am is very similar except that we are a bit hotter and a bit drier.