Thanks to Arno & Jadae


Thanks again for suggestion of remote garden. I have found a location that already has empty flower beds in place – all I have to do is figure out how to get a sprinkler system installed, set up some arbors for my climbers and order my roses in the fall. :slight_smile:


The Rose Gilardi you suggested arrived today at my daughter’s office, tacked on as a surprise to a special order of Joycies I was able to get for her. She was THRILLED!!! Is it true what I read on these forums that all of your suggestions are backed by a money back guarantee? :slight_smile:


Bob – Zone 9

haha no! I have student loans to pay before guarantees!

Hey Bob!

“I have to do is figure out how to get a sprinkler system installed, (…)”

Thats exactly what I want to do - and now you are even faster, it seems!! :wink:)

Very good - and of course GOOD LUCK!!!

Cross something like banksiae lutescens x Mermaid for the sunny south - and it will blow your visitors away. :smiley:



Hi Arno:

Do you water your roses yourself at your remote garden? I don’t have time so I need an automatic sprinkler. I know that water and electricity comes with your ground. It does not with mine so I will have to pay the property owner for the water, but I don’t mind – the land is FREE! And my next door neighbor has a sprinkler company! I have an automatic sprinkler system in my yard and it is the best labor saving device I ever bought.

A friend I met on one of these threads is giving me a lutescens and I already have a Mermaid so I will try. Please explain how you know about these roses. I am sure that you do not grow them in Germany. Have you ever seen a Mermaid? It is my favorite rose. Mine is growing up high up into two trees and my neighbor thought that the trees were in bloom!

Have a nice weekend. Best regards, Bob

Hi Bob!

I will water my roses with an automatic prinkler, too, - its obviously the best way to save time, nerves and potentials.

At the moment its not too much that has to be watered but soon I will have to go the same way (perhaps end of the year).

“my next door neighbor has a sprinkler company!”


You got it - just perfect!!!

lutecens will be grown in a green house here since I got it in february or so and Mermaid lives here at a sunny south side, one in a pot on own roots and one planted on own roots at an opening where warm air from the cellar is coming out through a little whole in the wall and into the garden (from the laundry room).

The Marmaids here are just one meter high each but they survived here since 2004 outside.

In Sangerhausen thay do have a new and really huge glass house now, where they planted Mermaid and some other - real rarities - too - its a great experience, i think, to watch them if they got higher, perhaps in two or three years.

The rest about these two roses I only know by literature … but if thats not the only source, its ok. :wink:



Err, - today I planted one “purezza” outside, a banksiae hybrid with a polyantha that is pretty winter hardy and that repeats very good.

It survived too in a pot and will flower the next days … .

Hallo Arno:

Dass kann mann kaum glauben!!! Mermaid in a pot!? It must be a very big pot. My Mermaid is 7 meters. Have you ever seen Mermaid in bloom?

“lutecens will be grown in a green house here”

Do you have a green house?

The owner of my remote garden in very excited. It is next to his house. He put in the flower beds so that the people who lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina would have pretty flowers to look at and it would give them hope to rebuild. He and his wife would very much like a rose garden so I think that they will help me work in it. I think I am very lucky and I thank you again for the wonderful idea.

Best regards, Bob


Arno, what zone are you in? Are you on the maritime or the continental side of Germany?

I planted R. bracteata outside a few weeks ago. I’m in zone 7b (middle of the Netherlands). I hope it survives! I guess Mermaid is hardier than the species?


Mermaid and R. bracta are hardy here in zone 8b.

RE: Mermaind in a pot; perhaps a pot the size of a large dumpster, I would hope.

Paul Barden:

lol :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I am still laughing!

Rosairum Rob:

Are you planning to do any hybridiziing with bracteata? Are you going to use it for a pollen or seed parent? My daughter insists on getting bracteata as soon as the weather cools – she is in 8b. She already has 5 Mermaids, Muriel, Out of Yesteryear, Star Magic, Tangerine Jewel, Star Dust and maybe a couple of other bracteatas. She also wants Pink Powderpuff and Kafir’s Delight if she can find a source. Mermaid has a reputation of being no cold hardier than its parent – However, I think that 7b should be o.k. for both – may get some winter kill, but you should have plenty of bush to spare in either case.