Taming 'Plaisanterie'

I really like ‘Plaisanterie’ and feel as both a first generation, ‘Trier’ derived hybrid musk as well as a first generation china hybrid that retains ‘Mutabilis’'s characteristics and yet is an improvement on it as here in the Mid-Atlantic it is healthier and I like the petals resembling ‘Trier’, the overall look is unique.

I like it’s foliage, new growth and cane color, it’s darkish without being too dark, and I like the purple stems, it shows enough of ‘Mutabilis’ influence.

That being said I am voraciously curious about its potential, I think it could help sire some really interesting shrubs?. Has anybody worked with it before?

I’m trying to figure out a way to “tame” it, as it is a BIG shrub/climber and I will most likely have to train it up a stick pyramid as I certainly don’t think it wants to behave as a standing shrub that much.

The large op hips on my ‘Roserie de L’Hay’ MAY have been actually crosses of my own doing with ‘Plaisanterie’ pollen I applied with my finger, so I’m curious what will result there and will have to wait to see what the seedlings look like to determine parentage and if it indeed ‘Plaisanterie’ pollen that took. The result of such a cross would be either extraordinary or an abomination.

I was considering next year crossing it with ‘Arethusa’ as well as my other rugosas and other diploids. Would it be worth to try ‘Lynnie’ as well?

Any ideas on what else might make a good mate? I really think this rose needs to be worked with!

  • Max

I almost chose it to work with.

Cass Bernstein offered to share it with me a couple of seasons ago.

As she handed me the band she pointed out the Powdery Mildew and that was enough to let me take a pass. I’ll really trying to get past anything prone to PM.

Propensity could no doubt be bred out in the next generation but I’m short on space and ‘Plaisanterie’ gets big.

There is already a hybrid on sale since 2005, which I know, that is the direction you also want to go.

I think there are more but I at least only know this one … .

Its a John Scarman Hybrid, an english man living and working at the german frontier to france, I’ll search for it and put in the link here …

Jumping Jack

an obvious Mutabilis Hybrid



PS: By the way, John Scarman has a few interesting Hybrids, also his Scarman’s Velvet China is cool, its a very dark red Chinensis cross.

I did cross it this year with Grand Prix from Terra Nigra (= Select Roses).

I have a foto of Scarman’s Velvet China, its off topic here, but a nice rose for crossings, really. Like Nigrette only a bit more healthy. (OK not oo healthy, but who is surprised :slight_smile:) ) I’ll put on HMF if I find it … . That ones already uploaded are not always so beautiful - as this rose indeed is. :wink:

Link below goes to HMF site for Scarman’s Velvet China

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/l.php?l=2.42690.0&tab=36

Here the link to the John Scarman site:

Link: www.landhaus-ettenbuehl.de/index.php?mod=19&catid=1100&PHPSESSID=rr3jqs4be7df2s1utkrebjgdj2