Talking finances

I hybridize roses because I love doing it (more like obsessed!), but I would be lying if I said I do not want to make money at it, or at least pay for my insane rose addiction=). For those that have had roses commercially introduced, what is the realistic financial reward? Is there a general rule of thumb for how much is made per rose that is sold?

I appreciate your input.

Shane Greenburg

If you are lucky, you’ll get a $1. royalty per rose sold.


Thanks Paul. Any idea of what is more common? $.50? I am talking about large (non-miniature) roses.

By the way, I look forward to growing Oshun. I ordered it from Joyce Barden and Hettie are the next Barden roses on my list.

Take care,


Hello Paul hybridizing roses is not about becoming rich. Its more about fame, having your name immortalize if your rose can grow anywhere in the world.

I think it quite subjective. Personally Im just fascinated with the process and learning and being a part of life that holds interest (creativity, ideas, etc).


I’m well aware that its not about the money. If it was, this would be the poorest paying job I have ever had. I simply answered the question that was posed, I was not interjecting my personal opinions about royalties for roses.


Perhaps what we amateur/semi-professional rose hybridizers need is a sort of collective business through which to offer our wares, delivering more of a fair share of the profit to the independent breeders. Something along the lines of a virtual artists’ colony, if you get my meaning. This would be able to more successfully compete with some larger rose-breeding firms and elevate little-known hybridizers to the spotlight. Is that just dreaming, or has the time come for such a venture? I’d be interested in further exploration of such a possibility.