Tahitian Treasure Grandiflora Rose

Hello everyone,
Has anyone grown Tahitian Treasure Grandiflora Rose by Bill Radler?

It looks like a good rose. I want it for a seed parent. I want a Radler rose that I can use as a seed parent. I have Double KO and I can not get to set very many seed and they do not germinate for me. I have only had one seedling that ever grew and survived. It is sterile and does not set seed and does not look like to has pollen.
Most of my roses get black spot so I need something that does not get black spot in my breeding.
Daniel Pennell
Bellevue NE
Zone 5a

I have been silent for a while due to insufficient gravity. Maybe you know of the “Princess who lost her gravity”. If not, definitely worth finding and reading.

I would recommend giving a try to White Out. Can’t say what color offspring it might yield but it produces a fair OP seed from here on K-State campus, with Pink KO right next to it. And I showed that with nitrate I could get quite decent germination (see newsletter of a couple years ago). I think it didn’t get the KO name for some reason perhaps to do with BS in some test area, but here it is perfect.

Other than that, go with pollen from the KO series, particularly Rainbow KO. It gives a reasonable diversity of OP seedlings (1-2 % yellow, some few % brighter that Rainbow KO) and will produce yellow to red with pollen put on others. It is slow to germinate OP, but on other mothers, seedlings pop reasonably quick, under 6 mo in continuous cold, some in 2-3 mo depending on mother. RKO is rather poor OP seed setter, and not worth trying to add pollen to, IMO. The RKO seedlings with others seem fertile- at least I’ve got a few hundred seeds going right now, though whether I’ll get decent plants is not yet known.

Hi Daniel,

I’m going to have to second what Larry says and add in the suggestion of Brite Eyes. IMHO one of the most “underrated” roses for breeding there is. It’s a Radler, It’s never gotten BS for me in humid Louisiana, it’s fragrant, and the buds and sepal are fragrant too! Very fertile as a seed and pollen parent, it itself is not elegantine with sweetbriar foliage, but gives seedlings that are, Sunny KO is an example. Brite Eyes is one of my best kept secrets.

Zone 8B LA

I had Brite Eyes last year and it was quite good here- disease-wise. But not the bloomer for me in a pot that White Out was on campus in the ground. I realize that’s not a completely fair comparison of floriferousness. But BE grows rather tall while WO is quite compact like Rainbow KO, much shorter than the Pink KO next to it. I just went and harvested some hips after work today to see if they are viable following -10 a couple nights and - 1 several times. Only about 2 seeds per hip on average, but maybe 50 hips per plant. SO it comes down to whether you have a lot of pollen.

Sunny KO is very disease resistant but very sparse OP seed setter. And the seedlings are unremarkable, pale yellow and not that vigorous. Carefree Sunshine has some promise but don’t count on it for color intensity. Reasonably fertile, decent germination, good disease resistance but not all that winter hardy in my experience. However, a local nursery sells something they label CS which throws 6 ft canes with large flower clusters, makes some hips with seeds. Probably the climbing sport of CS but that’s not how their supplier in KC labels it. R N Rippetoe commented on another site that that’s how CS grew for him in southern Cal. So I don’t know quite what to think of that one.