Tahitian Moon and its parent Aspen

Does anyone know much about Tahitian Moon? I got it as a house warming gift and just curious about its potential use.

Wondering if anyone has used its pollen on anything or if it produces much in the way of pollen. Does it set hips? Does it accept pollen well?

Looking at the photos on HMF, it looks like the yellow fades some from a fairly strong yellow to a fairly pale yellow.

Any information on disease resistance or cold hardyness?

Looks like Ping Lim has used Aspen (parent of TM) in other introductions. Does anyone have any information on what kind of parents Aspen has? Seedling x Seedling is listed on HMF and its class is listed as “Shrub, Tree Rose” which really tells me almost nothing about it.

Very curious as to what interesting traits that Aspen might have passed on to Tahitian Moon.

Looks like Aspen also starts out as a deeper yellow and then fades to light washed out yellow.

I remember looking at Aspen and thinking, “Oh, another shrub bred from minis.”

Nozomi or Temple Bells are possible ancestors.

It looked okay. It wasnt exceptional or anything. It did indeed fade.

re: Tahitian Moon. My worry would be that cross traits would be eratic and will be difficult to have a uniform end product or breeding product.

I use to have pictures of open pollinated seedlings of Aspen on my web page, but I removed them to make room for more recent seedlings. I got pink and white very double smaller blooms on small plants. Aspen itself died as did all of the seedlings.

Hi Steve, I did a root tip squash on it last year and TM is triploid. I think it set a couple op hips without many seeds inside. It died out on me last winter here in zone 4 (St. Paul, MN) in a relatively protected place by the garage.