Swamp Rose hybrid with hemp-like foliage

a few years ago, I got pollen of the Probable Amphiploid… pollinated on several things but ultimately I didn’t make many crosses.

But I did get a few good crosses on kordesii… and also on my Swamp Rose (it’s one version that’s different than Robert’s.) Only one seed germinated.

And it was hardy and I left it at a corner to fend itself… years has passed and I’ve always never looked at it. And it never grew. But this year I had to get rid of a few roses.

My rose had very interesting foliage. It sort of looks like hemp foliage, although more crinkly. At first, I thought it was just because it was struggling. But it’s been in a pot, and getting care. The foliage remained the same… hemp looking and crinkly.

If you go to helpmefind and search for the rose "

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