Suzanne rebloom?

I have seen this rose listed as reblooming and by others as not. Is it like Altaica in that it puts out just one or two flowers in succesion after the major bloom?


In a cold climate (Zone 2 - 3) - Yes.

Mine certainly reblooms with regularity, and not just a bloom here and there, either.

In east Tennessee, my plants of Suzanne haven’t rebloomed.

I have two from High Country and neither rebloomed.

I have one from Skinner Nursery that has not rebloomed; the second one from Skinner I gave to a friend who managed to kill it quickly. I don’t know what he did wrong as the plants seem really strong and healthy.

All have set O.P. hips readily and the hips are ready for harvest in early July.

Provenance; Vintage Gardens. Mine did not set hips, but gave me three flushes of bloom in its first year. It has exceptional vigor and health.

I have never seen a ‘Suzanne’ shrub that failed to set hips copiously.

Paul, mine is in a greenhouse and still quite young. I find many shrubs that normally set seed readily outdoors do not do so under plastic.

Mine also in TN did not rebloom in its first year (Seems healthy and happy though). I would say perhaps it is like KO (which doesn’t rebloom for me- although the ones used in landscaping around here that are deadheaded do) and if you let it go to seed then it will concentrate its energy there rather than offering another flush.