Suzanne pollen from Paul Barden

Paul sent me some of his Suzanne pollen. The bag appeared to hold a generous amound of pollen but most of the material was crushed anthers. It appears that there was only a small amount of live pollen. I prepared a slide and took some measurements. Because of the paucity of good pollen I then decided to prepare a second slide after further crushing the anthers. The pollen that did not take the stain was small and withered. I measured 14 pollen grains (4 measurements on each pollen grain) for a total of 56 data points. The average was 34.0 microns with a standard deviation of 2.5. I checked the standarized slide both before and after the pollen measurements. It read the same both determinations.

Suzanne pollen from Wooster ( measured by me) gave 33.3 with a S.D. of 2.1.

Dave Zlesak reported 38.8 with a S.D. of 2.9 from his plant.

A discussion of differences in measured pollen diameters can be found at:

As a comparison, John Davis (which Dave reports is a triploid) gave me a diameter of 36.9 with a S.D. of 1.5 and Dave a diameter of 39.5 and a S.D. of 2.0.