Suspension of the 2009 RHA trials

Some of you might have heard that the RHA trials have been suspended for 2009. This morning I contacted Jack Walter, the Trial Grounds coordinator, who gave me an update on events there at the American Rose Center. Although the timbers were redone a few years ago, apparently the soil in those beds has deteriorated so much that there wasn’t much to evaluate this fall. He also told me that the deer and the armadillos have also been causing a lot of trouble so a fence is in the works. Jack was to meet with the newly hired horticulturalist next week to discuss the renovation of the soil in the trial grounds beds. Apparently this same suspension is in effect for the AOE trials there in Shreveport as well. I have to apologize to those that were considering sending plants this fall, as it would have been better if this had of surfaced a tad earlier, but I do understand the difficulties associated with the communications sometimes. I hope all gets worked out for the trials to resume in 2010.

John Moe

General Director, RHA