Surprise Germinations

A few months ago Paul gave me a pocket full of Bracteate X Magic Wand. I planted over 400 seeds and only have had minimal luck with them germinating. The careful looked after seeds produced only four seedlings so far. I had two 4 " pots that were pushed out of the way that I found two weeks ago. They were dry and hadn’t seen water in at least a month. I pretty much figured that was the end of those so I set them outside in the relentless rain we’ve had and forgot about them …again. Tonight I put the dogs out for their evening business and while waiting for them I saw four seedlings popping their heads up. Maybe I was caring for them a little too much?

George posted a few days ago something about dry seeds coming back to life when soaked in water. This is far from proof that this happened, but I found it interesting. There were also pots with Honey Perfume and Scarlet Knight that went through the same “abuse” on my part. I’ll let you know what happens with those.