Surflan on rooting cuttings???

Does anyone know if Surflan (pre-emergent) harms roots? I am debating to use it in an area that I root rootstock cuttings and mini hardwood cuttings.

A second question: Would use of Surflan on seed parents result in decreased germination of seeds from those roses?

I’d appreciate any info from anyone with experience with this product. Thanks.


This last year, I had a bunch of R. pendulina suckers that I uproot, and put them in glasses of surflan solutions, all of them only 3% concentrated. I left a few of them in various times; 6 hours, 12 hours, 24, 48, some with and without DMSO. The result: All of them survived, but the question is that are they mutated? One looks downright sick. I know that R. pendulina is already a tetraploid, but when I did this I had no idea of its ploidy but the belief it was a diploid. I’ve sent a few to some a few people. There’s a few that may be possible doubled shoots (hexaploids? octoploids? odd-oploids?) I’m going to look at the suckers mostly and will compare them to the original plant. I’m trying to do the same thing on a few of my hybrid rugosa, R. foliolosa, and R. blanda. I’m intrested in creating amphidiploids with American species such as R. foliolosa and Swamp Rose.