Summer Wind

Anyone have any experiences? I got it own-root in a 2G can at Home Depot, lol. I can smell the rubiginosa on the hips when I rub them. The color is pretty cool, too. I wanted to try and cross it with my Rosa rubiginosa x Baby Love seedlings when they are ready. It wouldnt be bad to try with a modern moss rose, too.

Any experiences or thoughts?

Looks like a good one Jadae. I’d like to use it with my GOBXDOB, which is a related hybrid. It is also pleasantly redolent of rubiginosa.


Oh yeah, I saw that seedling before, and liked it :slight_smile:

I may try Summer Wind with Treasure Trail. Has anyone tried rubiginosa hybrids with mosses? Does it change the scent of the moss. Can the two characteristics exist at once?

I should also try Westerland on Summer Wind. That sounds like a good cross to make as well.