Summer Newsletter Was Mailed Today


The Summer newsletter was put in the mail this afternoon. Those of you whose membership is due for renewal will find a Hot Pink renewal notice tucked into the newsletter. There is also a lime green advance renewal notice in those members’ envelopes whose membership will expire after the Fall issue. You may renew for up to three years at a time. If you wish to use PayPal, just send me an email and let me know the term you wish. A $ .50 PayPal fee recovery charge will be added per renewal year to help offset some of the fees that PayPal charges RHA. It is about equal to the cost of a stamp and envelope to mail renewals.


I love the PayPal idea. It is more fluid in terms of my generation, which keeps things more up to date ad accessible, imo. Ive always felt that part of the issue with rose society memberships declining is the lack of interest from Gen X and Y, and even Baby Boomers (the wealthiest of all). Societies need to become more dynamic to maintain the current public’s interest, and to promote the rose better.